North Main Street in the News!

Earlier this fall, the Providence Journal featured an article on our most recently completed project at 1261 North Main Street.

Providence Journal - 1261 North Main Street

Completed in 2014, this small mixed-use development is an experiment in bringing back residential buildings to a busy and neglected commercial corridor overrun with parking lots and single-entity retail. Initial signs are promising: the building is fully leased and the project has been well-received by the neighborhood and the city. The original site had the unpleasant nickname "Tar Beach": a tiny 7500 SF lot sloped with the topography and covered in asphalt.

Like the others, 1261 North Main is a continuation of our quest for affordable energy-efficient design. This is our first attempt at utilizing a "double stud" wall: 12" of cellulose insulation (R-45). We intend to monitor the energy use with the new tenants to review performance. Meanwhile, one thing we have learned is the apartments are well insulated from the noise of the busy city street; it's very quiet in there!