Green Building

Green building practices result in buildings that are more comfortable, have lower utility bills, and improved indoor air quality. For more than ten years, we've made a name for ourselves as leaders in affordable green design and construction in Rhode Island and southern New England. As green building goes mainstream, the products, details, and best practices are constantly evolving. As tireless innovators, we're constantly tweaking building assemblies and incorporating new products based on the latest research in building science. What we've learned over the past ten years is that there is no silver bullet and each project requires a specific approach that takes into account the unique characteristics of the building and site and the wishes of the client.

We also strive to make every project come in at a reasonable cost. With careful planning overall construction costs for green buildings can be equivalent to conventional building costs. For example, while we spend more money on our walls and roof assemblies by including with more insulation, obsessive air-sealing, and higher performance windows, we end up spending much less on heating and cooling systems. We also work closely with builders from the earliest stages of design to reduce changes at the time of construction. We find this approach allows us to create high performance buildings while being able to avoid additional costs and budget overrides.

In the end, however, what our clients say they like most like about our projects are the simple design moves that make each building appealing and comfortable. We are serious about green, healthy and affordable buildings, but we are passionate about design. After all, good design is the key to optimizing the value of any property.

Urban Infill

We love cities and urban design and we have a soft spot for designing in abandoned or under-utilized city lots. Part of our "sustainability on all fronts" philosophy, urban infill requires wrestling with a series of constraints, from soil contamination and decaying utilities to "fitting in" with the existing fabric of the neighborhood. At Truth Box, we specialize in maximizing the potential of challenging urban sites.  

Sustainable Development

Beginning in 2004, we've partnered with our sister firm, Infill Design & Development, and D+P Real Estate on a series of sustainable, green development projects. Working collaboratively as a combined architecture, development, and construction firm we have built a diverse portfolio of successful development projects including mill building renovations, new mixed-use buildings, and single family homes. These development projects enable us to enact a vision for sustainable communities and sustainable building practices while proving that this is a profitable approach to development. 

Working on our own buildings means that we can be constantly experimenting with different building types, wall assemblies, and building technologies. We can track results over multiple years and develop strategies for controlling the costs of energy-efficient construction. This gives us a truly unique perspective and a depth of experience when working with private clients on their businesses and homes.